Stephanie Phillips

Acupuncture student AFEA
Chinese medicine enthusiast. Lover of the outdoors- climbing, hiking, biking, Yoga, pettting cats and having adventures! Alaska is where my heart is.


I have a wild passion for the wilderness and outdoor (mountainous) spaces. I remember coming to Alaska for the first time in the summer of 2011. Growing up in a place without mountains or expansive rural areas made me especially susceptible to the beauty here. I could never forget the crisp freshness of the air, the taste of pure water and how it felt to be walking amongst the Sitka spruce. I even cried a little- out of pure joy in finding a place I could finally grow into. 
I knew I was home. Which is strange because I had never been here. No family or friends here and literally couldn’t be farther from my Florida family whom I love. The time I’ve spent in Alaska have been some of the best years of my life. I was able to truly embrace my becoming and I love who that person is. 

I have a passion for healing work. Emotional, physical and mental healing. I am a massage therapist and have been doing that since 2012. It’s so fulfilling and really not like work in a lot of ways. I get to hang out with people I like and share healing light and words with them. What a gift. 
I have passions for making art and music with friends and alone. A totally fulfilling thing that I get to do often. I’m passionate about healing words and love to feel inspired by them. Healing words written beautifully, and spoken truthfully have always been powerful inspiration to me. It’s so nice to find the right words to resonate with. The powerful stuff is so good. 
EVERYTHING outside -rain or shine is my love. Climbing, hiking, running, bikes, skating Ocean swims, skiing and hopefully soon snowboarding! Movement therapy is cathartic- especially when there’s a little suffering involved. The best advice for kids?- usually the activities that involve a little suffering are the ones that have the best view!  Can’t wait to show them this in practice (when I have some of my own) :) I have the backcountry  pictures to prove this in action! 📸 I think this can be taken literal and figurative.

I have a feeling I am meant to do something great. I am so excited to find out what that is! Till then, just following my heart & paying attention. ❤️ 

Thanks for inviting me to talk about myself. 
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Introduction! Hi I'm Stephanie an acupuncture student in my final year.

I'm so excited to expand my essential awareness with the materials on this platform! As I dive deeper into my inner knowing I am finding that interphasing with the world from a conscious vulnerability is proving to be more worthwhile than from the closed, protected place I have been so comfortable cocooned in- in the past. To be vulnerable is to create a safe space for others to do the same. To surrender small personal morsels will allow others to feel good about sharing their inner turmoil and even move through it. 

Some people may read this and think... yeah big deal- I've been doing this for ages. But for me, I have not been vibrating at this place for long and I am starting to see as I navigate through my own grief and start to embrace essential (universal) love I am coming into contact with a belonging that has been at my fingertips the whole time! This shift is very cool and as I work my way through the info on this platform I am hoping to come into closer contact with the shadow work mentioned. Not just embrace my light side but allow for myself to understand the shadow. I'm starting the seven day transformation today. I'm going to keep a journal of my experiences and I'm happy to share anything profound I mine from that if others are interested in having a dialogue about the inner discovery process. :) 
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