Welcome to the eōs learning collective's community center! This is your hub for group exploration, transformation and discovery. To your left you will see various Spaces to engage. Some are open to everyone while others are only open to participants in specific courses. The intension of this online community center is to provide a safe space for everyone to engage and explore medicine, coaching, shadow, evolution of consciousness and transformation.

You can set your preferences to receive as many or as little notifications as you like. Please be generous and like other peoples posts, respond to other posts, and post your own exploration. This is YOUR space, so let's transform technology into something meaningful for our growth & developmental.

We are so glad you are here!

Introduce yourself! Please tell us a little bit about yourself and share what you biggest life passion is.

Also, before you post, please head over to the community guidelines area and read them (look to your left and you will see them under the 'Public Spaces' section.)

Welcome! Have fun, dive in, ask questions, post comments and 'like' other people's posts. 


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