I'm so excited to expand my essential awareness with the materials on this platform! As I dive deeper into my inner knowing I am finding that interphasing with the world from a conscious vulnerability is proving to be more worthwhile than from the closed, protected place I have been so comfortable cocooned in- in the past. To be vulnerable is to create a safe space for others to do the same. To surrender small personal morsels will allow others to feel good about sharing their inner turmoil and even move through it. 

Some people may read this and think... yeah big deal- I've been doing this for ages. But for me, I have not been vibrating at this place for long and I am starting to see as I navigate through my own grief and start to embrace essential (universal) love I am coming into contact with a belonging that has been at my fingertips the whole time! This shift is very cool and as I work my way through the info on this platform I am hoping to come into closer contact with the shadow work mentioned. Not just embrace my light side but allow for myself to understand the shadow. I'm starting the seven day transformation today. I'm going to keep a journal of my experiences and I'm happy to share anything profound I mine from that if others are interested in having a dialogue about the inner discovery process. :) 

I just started the 7 days to transformation also - I would love to connect around that. How is it going for you? One of my struggles is staying consistent -- making the time for the things that are important and even knowing what is important. 
I am eager to do day two, I waited a day to be in line with a friend exploring this transformation so we can discuss together. I think it is a very valuable thing to come in to contact with your pain instead of rejecting it and packing it in our emotional knapsack. I had this vision of walking along the journey of life comparative to a backpacking trip. (*we do this a lot in ALASKAN summer), light packs are always more fun because you sometimes find cool rocks along the way and maybe want to bring them back, but mainly for the lightness you feel you can enjoy the journey of the hike through the wild so much more! So is true for the emotional knapsacks we carry around. If we can process our experiences as they are happening then our load will be exponentially lighter. There will also be space for us to pick up nuggets of wisdom and carry that along the way! If life is about the journey and not the destination isn’t it a good idea to have a light ‘pack’ so we can enjoy the moments instead of suffering through a 30 mile hike under a heavy load? 

It’s so confusing to have anger come up that has been stored because it isn’t always clear where the original source is from. My current life-practice is feeling emotions as they come. Not always the easy choice and certainly not the comfortable one, but I’m determined to navigate from an open heart space. Propriety of course comes into perspective in that, but not waiting too long to express the emotions that come is valid. In every single relationship we have- communication is the root of health,  we will eventually have to communicate uncomfortable emotions. One of the best navigation tools for me has been benevolence (*being assertive with kindness) to have fullfilling conversations even with the most difficult people- and NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY. I don’t want to carry this ‘stuff’ around. :) 

 As a student practitioner I feel that it will be a really empowering place for me to be able to help guide people through some of the residual anger that’s been left behind from disregarding “negative” emotions. Anger is such a useful tool you just have to be shown how to use it and once you learn it’s hard to forget. I remember even hearing my pastor talk about anger as it was written in the Bible and how it is so useful to propel us forward. I think looking at the root of anger can tell us a lot about what is valuable to us and what has been transgressed to inspire such an emotion. 
Stephanie, thank you so much for sharing. It opened me up a bit and
Softened my guard and “posturing” to “prove myself and my value” in this space, something I wasn’t even aware of until I read this. 
Looking forward to our explorations. 
I notice my anger quickly dilutes into sadness, not always great as it takes on more nuances of victim-hood then action. I so grateful for BLM because it has unearthed more anger for me and kept me in more action lately. AND yet at the end of the day I am tired and overwhelmed and insecure, and sad and worried and puddle up... Here I am though, again, and again I will keep arriving. 

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