Elayna Alexandra, MBA, NCC, ACC

Hello, I am Elayna Alexandra, I am a transformational coach, design thinker, strategist, teacher & facilitator. I am a connector, curiosity seeker, and builder who has owned my own business for nearly a decade. I have an MBA and am an award-winning creative and published writer. I am a survivor of a rare bone disease and have figured out how to thrive in the face of extreme hardship and limb function loss.
I collaborate with entrepreneurs who push the boundaries of what they can do. I coach individuals and businesses who want to transform their lives and organizations, to get past blocks and be the best that they can be. I work to create spaces to heal trauma & grief creating a greater possibility for resiliency and joy.
I also:
+ design beautiful websites, that are simple to use, and serve as a place where the world can meet you
+ design clean and powerful logos that represent the work you do and who you are
+ tell brand stories that engage audiences

I am a mama to two boys under eight. When I can, I doodle on my sonsโ€™ prolific paintings, addictively listen to audible and podcasts like On Being while cooking. Most mornings I get up early to meditate.ย 

** I am looking to connect with another 1-2 people who are building their own business and want to serve potentially as accountability partners.ย 

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