Welcome to the eƍs learning collective's community center! This is your hub for group exploration, transformation and discovery. To your left you will see various Spaces to engage. Some are open to everyone while others are only open to participants in specific courses. The intension of this online community center is to provide a safe space for everyone to engage and explore medicine, coaching, shadow, evolution of consciousness and transformation.

You can set your preferences to receive as many or as little notifications as you like. Please be generous and like other peoples posts, respond to other posts, and post your own exploration. This is YOUR space, so let's transform technology into something meaningful for our growth & developmental.

We are so glad you are here!

Please read the requests below and reply that you have read and agreed to them.

1. Please be respectful adults. This is NOT Facebook and is a community of adults seeking to learn and discover together. This means, disagreement is always welcome, but you are responsible for your own triggers. If the way someone is showing up triggers you, or you notice you are part of a dialogue that is becoming heated, it is everyones responsibility in the dialogue to step back, take a breath, and look at the patterns leading to your own triggers, prior to engaging in the dialogue further.

2. No personal attacks are allowed. If you are unable to engage in a dialogue without attacking others, you will be removed from this space.

3. Overt and subtle forms of racism, sexism, or other forms of exclusion based upon gender, sexual orientation, or anything else will not be tolerated. If you unconsciously act in ways that are racist towards BIOPIC and/or discriminatory towards LGBTQ, and this is pointed out to you, it is your responsibility to first reflect on the feedback prior to responding, especially if you cannot see what is being pointed out to you. This community seeks to be inclusive of everyone and to be a safe environment for everyone. Mistakes will happen and we will accidentally say things that are within our blind spots, unintentionally causing harm. This will be forgiven and you will be allowed to stay in the group, assuming you take responsibility for the mistake, take the time to repair with the person you accidentally offended or caused harm, and change your future behavior.

4. Please no advertising at this time.

5. If you have an issue with the platform or want to connect with Alexander directly, you can either direct message him or email him at connection@eoslearningcollective.com
Thank you Alexander, for setting up great guidelines!